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October 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 147 - Others in the Field Too


We look at the contributions of other in the field chronicling video game history, and trying to write perspectives on what we know at the time.  To start we look at Gaming Alexandria which has become one of the major communities dedicated to preserving video game history, and has many contributors who work on a myriad of projects.  We look at the work Ethan has put in between court cases, blogging, and as a consultant on "Arcade Dreams".  We look at the work done by Kate Willært of "A Critical Hit!"  Her work consists of blogs, videos, and twitter threads!  She did fantastic research into the first Easter Egg in video games, women characters in games, and if working on more interesting projects.  Finally we look at  academia, and what they are doing in relation to Video Game History!


Gaming Alexandria:

Gaming Alexandria Discord:

Video Game Legal Documents:
Norm The Gaming Historian:
History of Donkey Kong - Gaming Historian:

The History of How We Play:
A Breakout Story:
Who Created Periscope?:
Arcade Dreams:
Atari Archive:
A Critical Hit!:
A Critical Hit! YouTube:
A Critical Hit! Twitter:

The Strong National Museum of Play:
Video Game Pioneers Oral History Collection:

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