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Nintendo Playing with Controversy

January 15, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 154 - Nintendo Playing with Controversy


In part two of our look at the history of Nintendo, we cover the aftermath of Hiroshi Yamauchi's father abandoning the family. He ended up growing up under the care of his grandparents. Unfortunately, after a stroke suffered by his Grandfather, Hiroshi Yamauchi had to take over control of Nintendo in his early twenties. Because of this early ascension to power, Hiroshi Yamauchi was subject to a controversy that was the greatest challenge to his authority. The strike of employees at Nintendo.


A Brief History of US Troops Playing Cards:

Vintage Playing Cards from Postwar Japan:

Abroad in Japan Love Hotels:

Disney Playing Cards:

Nintendo Playing Cards Advertisement:

Nintendo Popeye Trump Cards:

Walt Disney Character Dominoes:


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