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Lion and Bally Manufacturing

May 15, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 090 - Lion and Bally Manufacturing


What will they do in '32? Ballyhoo! We examine the origins of the Bally Manufacturing Company, makers of pinball and slot machines and operators of fitness centers. While Bally rarely ever created video games under its own name, the company was a domineering force in the coin-operated amusement and gambling spaces and through its subsidiaries nurtured a diverse array of talent that introduced many video game innovations. In this first part, we chart the early years of the company from its start as a printing company subsidiary to the formation of a new Bally out of the ashes of the original in the 1960s by Bill O'Donnell.


TCW 59 - Williams' Crazy Story Part 1:

TCW 60 - Williams' Crazy Story Part 2 :

Punch Board example:

Gottlieb Baffle Ball:

Ballyhoo Pinball:




Simpson's Keep Gaming:

1960's Bally Roller Derby Bingo Machine:

More Bally Roller Derby Bingo and History:

Bally Malibu Beach Bingo:

Money Honey Slot Machine:


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