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Itsa Me Marioooo!

March 15, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 086 -  Itsa Me Marioooo!


Itsa the most iconic character in video game history: Mario. We explore the origins of Mario and examine how his entire design was born of necessity. We discuss how the character evolved through the Donkey Kong series and Mario Bros. before taking a deep dive into the design of Super Mario Bros. Then it’s a quick tour through the rest of Mario's NES and SNES adventures, setting the stage for his transition into 3D worlds.


Nintendo Radar Scope:

TCW Gumpai Yokoi episode:

Donkey Kong Arcade:

Mario Bros.:

Devil World:

Excite Bike:

Kung Fu:

Pac Land:


Super Mario Retrospective:

Famicom Super Mario Bros. 2:

How NES Controller Works:

Doki Doki Panic:

Speed Racer Intro:

Japanese Super Mario Box Art:

Super Mario Bros. 3:

Super Mario World:

Yoshi's Island:


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