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Hello Big Blue

August 15, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 096 - Hello Big Blue


We look at Big Blue and their continuing development of computers in both business, and the home.  We see how IBM had to deal with the eye of the government still looking at them for monopolistic practices.  Eventually IBM found out they needed to enter the micro-computer market.  They spun off a group that had a mandate to get a computer together in a year.  However because of this it led to the rise of the PC clones.  Compaq, for instance,  computers started off with a laptop computer clone of the IBM PC.  Later on IBM would try to dominate the market with new standards, that ultimately led to IBM leaving the personal computer field.


IBM 360 Promotional Film:

IBM 360 Control Program Overview:

Compaq 110 Laptop:

Compaq Computer Laptop:

PC JR Overview and Review:

A brief history of PC BUSes :

LGR Tales - The history of OS/2:

OS/2 WARP 4 Tour and Rating:


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