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Grand Theft Auto 1

December 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 151 - Grand Theft Auto 1


We start our look at the legendary game series Grand Theft Auto.  A game series that had many influences that came out of the British PC market.  The game may not have seen the light of day if it was not for developers and executives championing the game to BMG Interactive.  With the help of a PR campaign to stir up false controversy that lead to a speech denouncing the game to the House of Lords, the game launched to modest success!  Though the best is yet to come as Rockstar gears up to release Grand Theft Auto 2 and 3!





Red's Dream:

Body Harvest:

Space Station Silicon Valley:

Syndicate Wars:

Clockwork Knight:

Race N' Chase Design Document:

Grand Theft Auto 1:

Lord Campbell of Croy:

Get Carter Trailer:

The Warriors Trailer:

You Don't Know Jack:

Hell A Cyberpunk Thriller:

Grand Theft Auto PSX:


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