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Driving Games and Technology

August 15, 2017

TCW Podcast Episode 048 - Driving Games and Technology

We go over the wild ride of driving games.  These games were used as a vehicle to demonstrate advances in graphics technology.  Starting with electro-mechanical games, and ending up with textured polygons; we cover the whole track of an era where cars were king!  There are a lot of examples in this episode drawn from the arcade, consoles, and computer games.

Drive Mobile:


Super Road 7 Projection System:

Super Road 7 Gameplay:

Wild Cycle:

Gran Track 10:

Life inside Life:

Taito Speed Race:

History of Racing Games:

Night Driver:

Sega Turbo:

Namco Pole Position:

Mach Rider NES:

Sega Monaco GP:

Sega Hang On:

Sega Outrun:



Hard Drivin':

Namco Winning Run:

Sega Virtua Racer:

Namco Ridge Racer:

Sega Daytona USA:

Wipe Out PSX:

Gran Turismo PSX:

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