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Bally: The Road to Fitness

June 1, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 091 - Bally: The Road to Fitness


In our continuing look at Bally we see the shifting landscape ad they evolve and develop gambling machines.  This is not to mean that pinball was neglected.  Bally, with an eye to innovation and technology, introduced some of the first sold state pinball machines!  They were also, through some luck, brought in with licensing deals with The Who, and Elton John.  This led to some of the most popular pinball machines in the post WWII era.   We did have to see the departure of Bill O'Donnell from Bally because his ties to organized crime were deemed too great to allow Bally to get a gambling license in Atlantic City.  With Bally under new management it then started diversifying, buy buying up various venues.  These included, Six Flags, a fitness center, and others.  However with a lot of properties not turning a profit, and being tricked into  buying more as a defensive we move against a ploy employed by Donald Trump, Bally was stretched too thin to really survive.


German Wall Machine , Rotamint Luxus , 1957:

WONDERS , HONEST JOE , Allwin Slot Machine:

SMB3 Picture House:

TCW 034 - The Nutting Associates:

The Who & Elton John - Pinball Wizard (Tommy 1975):

Abbot and Costello Who's On First:

Bally Pinball Wizard Machine:

Captain Fantastic Pinball:

Bally Freedom:

Bally Night Rider:


Simpsons "He's OK folks!":

Bally 8-Ball:

Bally Playboy:

TCW 059 - Williams' Crazy Story Pt 1:

TCW 060 - Williams' Crazy Story Pt 2:



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