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Ascension into the Black Gate

August 15, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 144 - Ascension into the Black Gate


In our final part looking at the history of the Ultima series we start off looking at Ultima VII.  This game is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the series.   The game combines story elements with a massive world to create a truly unique experience.  The game is followed by two major commercial failures.  Those failures being Ultima VIII and Ultima IX.  The reasons behind those failures are many.  However a lot of the blame for Ultima VIII's shortcomings, especially the jumping, can be laid at the feet of the development team and not EA.  Because of the disaster of VIII, Ultima IX was plagues with issues.  Especially since they had a rotating staff, technology issues, and other challenges the game was an ignoble end to a series that touched many.  However like many of the Ultima games, it is not the destination, but the journey that is the true heart of Ultima.  


Intro to Ultima VII:

The Story of The Fellowship:

Museum of the Avatar:

Retro Tea Break | Richard Garriott tells his Ultima Story:

Secret of Money Island 2:

Prince of Persia:

Ultima VII:

Ultima VIII:

Ultima IX:

TCW 038 - Origin Story:

Crusader No Remorse:

Meridian 59:


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