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Allied Leisure

July 1, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 165 - Allied Leisure


We look at the origins of the coin-op company Allied Leisure! The company came from a coin-op veteran who wanted to help his son establish a company he could call his own. Despite some notable successes Allied Leisure was plagued with quality issues in production. They made some unique games in coin-op with F-114, their pong clone, and pinball with cocktail cabinets. Unfortunately many setbacks including a fire, the death of  Robert Braun, the stigma of the company being known as Allied Looser, and the near liquidation of the company when the bankruptcy was declared. Allied Leisure had a fascinating history and would be reborn as Centuri when David Braun sold the company.


Slot Cars in the 60's:

Monkey Bizz Flyer:
Picture of Unscramble:
Wild Cycle Cabinet Unboxing and Tour:

Wild Cycle Gameplay:

Sonic Fighter:

Sea Hunt Cabinet:
Sea Hunt Gameplay:

Paddle Battle Pictures:

Pictures of Tennis Tourney:

Ethan Johnson's Article History of How We Play:
Zap Pictures:

Super Shifter:


Street Burners (Cabinet pictures and short video):

Pinball Dyn-O'-Mite:

Good Times Dyn-O'-Mite:

Name of the Game Article:

Name of the Game Console Overview:
Name of the Game Console cleanup and Demo:

The Entertainer:

Take Five:

Star Shooter Cocktail Pinball:



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