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The Console Market of the 70’s and 80’s Part 2

July 1, 2021

TCW Podcast Episode 141 - The Console Market of the 70's and 80's Part 2


In our second part we look at the emergence of the programable consoles.  We see how many companies kept falling into the same trap of FCC regulations, heat issues, and chip shortages.  By the time most of these issues were sorted out, with the notable exception of the Apple II being classified as an "industrial computer", the industry was in the midst of a console transition led by the ColecoVision.  However the video game crash caused it all to be reset, and many promising paths of development were never really explored.  Stay tuned to the end for info on Alex's guest appearances, the topic of our live stream recording this year, and getting stickers!


TCW 076 - A Fairchild Story:

Media Regulation Crash Course:

History of Radio and the FCC:

Vintage 1963 FCC Film:

How Radio Works 1937:

The Vacuum Tube Radio:

Applying the inverse square law to EM waves:

How to understand the inverse square law in lighting:

Cats and Dogs living together:

Sport Utility Robot:

Atari Archive - RCA, FRED, and the Studio II:

Bally Home Computer:

TCW 90 - Lion and Bally Manufacturing:

TCW 091 - Bally: The Road to Fitness:

George Plimpton Commercials:

Atari VCS Space Invaders:

The Visions of Coleco Part 1:

The Visions of Coleco Part 2:

Video Game History Hour:

Super Mega Crash Bros. Turbo:


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