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International Adventure

April 1, 2022

TCW Podcast Episode 159 - International Adventure


In this episode, we look at the computer game company 'Adventure International' which is one of the first companies to put out adventure games on early home computers.  Founded by Scott Adams, no not THAT Scott Adams, and his ex-wife Alexis.  The company had a short lifespan of less than a decade.  We look at the life of Adams, and how his love of puzzles and games turned into a small business that unfortunately ended in the mid-1980s


Mike Mayfield Star Trek:

TCW 016 - Early Computer Game Platforms: The Trinity, and The Disciples:

Sphere 1 Computer:

Colossal Cave Adventure:
Adventureland (C64):


Byte Magazine Adventure Articles:

Pirate Adventure (C64):

Mission Impossible (Apple II):

The Count (Apple II):

The Incredible Hulk (Apple II):

Spiderman (Apple II):

The Human Torch and The Thing (Apple II):


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