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Computer Game BASICs

Computer Game BASICs

March 1, 2019

TCW Podcast Episode 085 - Computer Game BASICs


Now that we have explained how timesharing works, it's time to discuss games! In the 1960s, students and professional programmers alike created computer games that were played by dozens, if not hundreds of their peers on timeshared computers. In the early 1970s, some of these programs began to spread across the country thanks to the efforts of early pioneers in computer book and magazine publishing like Bob Albrecht and David Ahl. By the time the first microcomputers appeared in the late 1970s, these games were so widespread that they started being converted to platforms like the Apple II and TRS-80 as well.  As a result, games like Lunar Lander, Star Trek, and The Oregon Trail continued to be played decades after they were first created and became recognized as some of the earliest classic computer games.


Kill us all on sight reference:

1969 Lander:

Making Games by Year (Remaking Lunar Lander in Python):

Atari Lunar Lander:

The Oregon Trail Franchise:

The Oregon Trail Card Game:


101 BASIC Computer Games:

Star Trek Text Version:

Star Trek C64:

Hunt the Wumpus Text:

Hunt the Wumpus Graphical:


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